Open Blues 2019 is happening 29th August to September 1st.


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Open Blues is Poland’s first blues dance festival: 4 days, 4 parties, dozens of peer-based workshops, and live music.

The core principle of Open Blues revolves around peer-based exchange. It will all take place in an atmospheric raw palais. This space is perfect for both laboratory and experimental work as well as socialising and general merriment – bonfires, a lake, incredible nature, a bit of agritourism and many more during our weekend. Don’t worry! We will make sure transport is as easy as possible.

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Get in touch via  contact@openblues.pl

The Format

The core principles of Open Blues revolve around peer-based exchange; so laboratory work and explorations are lead by you, the participants. Everyone of us has something special that they are invited to share. This will give us an intense, yet social framework to perfect our dancing.

Don’t worry about your level, there will be workshops appropriate for complete novices as well as experienced dancers.

Why don’t we follow the usual workshop format and invite some star teachers and segregate dancer beginner to advanced?
The simple answer is this: There are hundreds of such events in Europe anyway and they are all very good in satisfying the need for top-down instruction (and we’ll have some star teachers at Open Blues too!). Yet, there is little horizontal and inter-community exchange outside of the social dance floor. Let’s fix this!

We will follow a format popular in academia, where participants are invited to, but don’t have to, present their ideas to the community. This is a brilliant opportunity to try yourself in a sharer’s role or have a group of engaged dancers participate in your experiment.

Whatever your passion is – it does not have to be dance-related – please bring it to Open Blues, if you think it might enrich the community. You can request a very limited time frame (e.g. 30 minutes) or a bigger workshop (e.g. 90 minutes), you can lead it on your own or with your friends, with instruments or without, you can create a space for experimentation or give a traditional class etc. A bunch of examples:

  • An Introductory Class in African dance
  • Introductory Class to Making 1910s Cocktails
  • A Presentation of Latino Rhythms in Blues
  • Explorations of Advanced Dance Somatics
  • A Lesson on Cool Solo Routine
  • A Lecture on Blues Scales
  • Introductory Class to Shiatsu
  • A Class on Preserving Knee Health in Dancing
  • An Experiment in Deconstructing Blues Dancing
  • A Discussion on Gender in Dance
  • A Lecture on Early Blues History
  • An Exploration of Clapping
  • An Exploration on Connection and Role Switching for Beginners
  • A Class on Funky Fishtail Variations
  • Lessons in Polish Cooking
  • A Class in Yoga for Beginners
  • A Skillshare on Advanced Dips and Tricks
  • A Guide to Making Perfect Marshmallows

If you are interested in sharing, please read on in the “Explorations” section.


This is a provisional schedule; start and end times are precise. We’ll keep you updated!


FESTIVAL: 29th of August to the 1st of September
HANGOUT: 2-3 days prior

Near the Polish-Czech border, Piotrowice Nyskie is relatively easy to reach by plane with a 1-2h drive from the nearest airports and large transportation hubs. Check out the venue.

If you have any trouble or questions, get in touch on Facebook


Check out your flight possibilities from
– Cracow
– Katowice
through Skyscannner.net or Kayak.com. There are return flights available for less than 50€ for many countries. You can also fly to Warsaw, Cracow etc. and we’ll help you get to get to the venue, post on facebook event page. We will help.

Check out your further possibilities on e-podroznik.pl.

Flights within Poland

Travel within Poland is very cheap with most intercity train tickets costing less than 20€ and regional trains costing less than 5€ (note that the ISIC card does usually not guarantee you the right to a student’s discount on travel).

 Pick ups

If you can make it to Nysa, we can easily pick you up from there. Check out your travel possibilities on e-podroznik.pl.

By car

If you travel by car, please tick this in your registration form. We will greatly appreciate if you could help in our logistics by giving lifts to people or equipment.